About Us.

about us

Situated in Bangkok, Thailand, “FotoInc” is known as a freelance photographers’ team. We operate our own photography team based on wedding reception and party, portrait photoshooting, graduation ceremony and fashion photography.

For more than 5 years of experience, we work in various fields of photography in various locations of Thailand and Asia. In work setting, we spend more than 8 hours per day walking and photographing the best moments of our customers with professional working environment. Like cooking a good dish, we find the best ingredients, literally – feeling and mood and also photo color tone, and specially blend them in every photo we take.


Photography is not a job to me – “it’s my passion”. Being around happy people is my personal passion. I love seeing their cheerful smile and laughing in the moment that they have ever experienced. I am honored to be the person that make those memories alive and live on, forever. – J. Singtomast

My definition of the so-called word “Photography” is the combination of 2 things, feeling and memory. I feel so great when being a part of a special day photographing joy, happiness, cheerfulness and love. Though those are the abstract terms, it is the special feeling of mine turning those terms into reality. – Supavit J.

I am there to tell the story of your wedding day, and I think the most important parts of that story are people’s natural interactions. So i promise that I’ll be the first and the last on your wedding day, which means that I’ll not miss anything on your precious day.  Just take your time, enjoy and let us do the rest. we’ll shoot everything from our point of view because we believe that you would have picked us because you love our works. –  Phubet U.

I love to see the smile and stop the happiest moments of people in form of photograph. Because everytime they see thier happily captured photos, they will be sure that they will sense it, like flashback. – P. Peterly

It’s not a thing i “have to” do, but it’s a thing i “love to” do. Some say it’s very tired to do it, but i think it’s fun. Just a sweet smile through my lens and view finder, or even just a glance or a sneer, it drives me happy. – Alisa Furuya